mike mlietzow at ucla.edu
Sat May 16 14:32:03 EST 1998

Material Fellow wrote in message <355DD6DD.30C1 at pacbell.net>...
>Goodwin's law of internet newsgroups postulates that the longer a thread
>runs the closer to unity the probability becomes that someone will
>reduce the argument to term of "Hitler" or "Nazi"
>When that happens, Goodwin's law states that the person to introduce the
>term be declared to be the loser.
>React -- It is my sad duty to inform you that you have lost.  Please
>cease further contributions to this thread.  You are inhibiting
>successful progress of your viewpoint by further expounding upon it.
>Thank you for your insights.

Nazi refers to a particular historical group and is thus misused in this
thread.  If "react" replaces Nazi with fascist can he continue?  I'm
enjoying the banter.

BTW: Are you suggesting that no discussion could ever exist where a
comparison to Nazis or Hitler is accurate and therefore appropriate?  What
about comparisons to Whigs or maybe Caesar?  Just curious about the "rules".

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