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Sun May 17 02:10:44 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:
> react at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> >
> >
> > I don't know why you think the state should take care of you by beating
> > your competition for you.  You can't stand on your own two feet so you
> > want to lean on the state.  You just can't cut it, Andelman, but it's
> > your own fault you're in this situation.  You're a loser, Andelman.
> > Isn't that what you're saying?  That you're a whining loser who can't
> > cut competition?
> >
> > M.
> I don't get your point.

That's plain.

> All I am saying is, why should private
> individuals have to pay taxes to support state funded entreprises
> that compete with same private individuals.

Let's start with one easy point for you to not get.  The state is not
competing with most private individuals.  It is providing most private
individuals with opportunities to make a living both directly and

>  Do you advocate
> state control of private entreprise? 

You had better rephrase that question.  It can't be answered 'yes' or
'no', but anything more complicated would lose you before the end of the
first sentence.

> Do you mean to imply
> I owe university scientists a living?

Oh, no.  Good question, though.  You can understand the answer.

>  If enough people think
> like you, which is a scary possiblity, the only option is to
> drop out of the system and form an underground economy.

You're either a fool because you don't know better even after all this
time, or you're a liar because you do know better but you're posting
lies.  Fool or liar,  Andelman.  Which is it going to be?

> No other
> sane choice will remain once it comes to paying your dead wood salary
> or feeding one's family.

You're too incompetent to say what is deadwood and what isn't.  As an
example, you don't even know what I do for a living.  As far as you know
I'm part of a venture capitalist outfit looking for the right guy to
support with a $5M payroll.  You are the intellectual deadwood here. 
Whether I am or not, well, you're in no position to say.

> This is good, as everyone will see that
> the South was right, and the damn union with all it's scalawag
> rats like yourself will go down the toilet.

Tell you what - list the major civilizations that have been
confederations, or have not had strong central governments.  Egypt,
perhaps?  No, that doesn't work.  I'll give you some help....no, on
second thought, I won't.


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