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Uncle Al wrote:

> >
> > Then you'd best recognize that this trend originates with the government
> > 'downsizing' programs implimented when the right-wing took over.  Their
> > philosophy is that public universities will be privatized and can earn
> > their own way or go under.  Universities are responding in the only way
> > they can - by becoming businesses instead of educational institutions.
> > You and a number of others haven't got the sense to realize that you
> > have a noose around your neck because you put it there, and it is only
> > being drawn tight because you're yanking on it with your right hand.
> >
> > >
> > > Biosource is the oldest recruitment firm in the biotechnology
> > > industry. We have been warning of this for years. It is nice to
> > > finally see some lip service from the mainstream science press.
> > >
> >
> > Recruitment industries, like any other, look out only for their profit
> > margins.  Anyone who takes industry babble as an insightful commentary
> > on national policy deserves what they get.
> >
> > M.
> You are so right.

And you are absolutely correct in this assessment.

>  I implicitly trust Washington to protect me and mine
> from drugs, pornography, unfair foreign business practices,
> environmental degradation, corruption... 

Then you're an idiot.  Washington responds to the pressures it feels and
the opportunities it's given.  Washington is in the hands of the same
business interests that are keeping salaries low and jobs in short
supply, boosting immigration quotas to make sure things stay this way.

>to anticipate the downfall of
> the Soviet Union,

Not an issue here, but 'The Soviet Union won't last another 10 years' 
Zbignew Brszinski 1979.  He was wrong about one thing, though.  The
Republicans have introduced soviet methods of governing into the U.S.

> the overturn of the Berlin Wall,

You may note that this and the above are the same thing.

> massive Asian
> financial collapse...

Stock interests don't want us to know about this.  It was going on for a
year before it reached the news.

>  to surveil triple nuclear blasts by India,
> transport 700,000 soldiers and $220 billion to Arabia to win a war for
> all time, to build and maintain Space Station freedom (the International
> Space Station, White Elephant in Space)... to erect self-supporting
> Social Security and Medicare programs... to stop spam.

These semi-issues are unrelated.

> Greed is good.  Greed is right.  Greed works.

Yes, it does.  I've become as greedy as the worst of them.

>  The private sector is the
> difference between America swallowing the planet and Europe whining
> Socialist spews.

The private sector has become socialist, communist, and Nazi - taking
the worst of these philospohies.  Those who support the current status
quo are criminals who deserve incarceration at least.

 > I have no problem with headhunters.

Then you have no problem with me.  Happy to hear it.

>  "If our people
> were any good they wouldn't work here."  Right on!


> In case you haven't been watching, Mr. Clueless,

You're a stupid s*t, Al.  Keep talking you two-bit brainless s.o.b.
bastard and see what it gets you, you mindless twit.

> American patent law has
> been whittled into nothing vis-a-vis the independent inventor.]

The Republicans who have been screwing around with business,
universities, and the national lab system if you've got a problem.  You
can't even recognize the cause of the problem you complain about.  Quit
mouthing off and open your eyes, idiot.

 > Case in
> point:  For the past three years my company has been fighting USPTO to
> patent a non-toxic formulation and delivery system which,
>    1) Cleared roaches out of several Los Angeles carnecerias.  One
> application, ten months of surcease.
>    2) Cleared roaches out of a Tokyo apartment complex.  One
> application, five months of surcease so far.
>    3) Cleared roaches out of a Hawaiian food warehouse.  One month into
> the field evaluation.

So?  Everyone makes similar claims.

> "Obvious to one skilled in the art."  The Feds must be correct in
> asserting that
>    1) Roaches are not a problem worthy of notice or solution, and
>    2) I can walk into any supermarket and buy a product equivalent to
> mine.

Must be true.  Your solution sounds really terrible.  Judging from this
I'd say that your problem is that your product stinks and you don't know
how to market.  Why whine to me?

> The next turn of the screw is to legislate immediate public release of a
> filed patent application, just like in the EEC.

Then dump the Republicans.  It's your only hope.

>  File a patent
> application, watch GE or duPont shove it right back up your butt.

Then you'd better work to get big business out of government.  Letting
top business do what it wants is the Republican agenda.

> Go to a good library.  Walk over to the Federal Register.  YOU WANT TO

No, I want to put the public in charge.  Powerful democratic government
is the only way to do it.  There is no other way.  You do truly seem to
be an idiot.

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