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On Tue, 12 May 1998 11:09:00 +0900, "Emir KHATIPOV"
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>I have a question. Where can I found data on the number of strains which are
>used in different industries, such as food processing, agriculture,
>industrial microbiology, etc. I know it must be thousands of isolates, but
>there are probably several hundred strains used in 95% of cases. Are there
>any book or catalog with such information? Any data in the web? I would
>appreciate your hints on the matter.
>ATCC and DSM websites seem not to be a solution, since I could not find a
>selection of information by the above criteria.
>Thank you.

Check out the Virtual Library section on culture collections - there
are a number of sources there.

Also, you may want to post this question to specific mail lists
(rather than newsgroups) that deal with pharmaceutics, food, or other
types of microbiology.  A complete listing of these mail lists is also
available on the Virtual Library: Microbiology and Virology section.

The URL is http://microbiol.org/vl_micro

Good Luck

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