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Sat May 16 12:03:16 EST 1998

mike wrote:

> Sign me up too, although I'm not too optimistic about the success of such an
> endeavor.

Have you ever read book 2 of Goerte's Dr. Faustus?  Most people haven't
apparently, and it isn't included in some of the great books series.

Point I.

One thing, though - extra charges, paperwork, effort, and so on need to
be passed up the chain, not down.  If I need a doctor I don't want to
have to chose from a list of accepted HMO doctors.  I want to go and
have the insurance company pay for it without a lot of backtalk.  If
there is a problem with overcharging let the doctor and the insurance
company fight it out.  I want nothing to do with their spats.

Point II.

Mandatory auto insurance can take a long hike.  I shouldn't have to
insure you, as I do now, but only myself.  The costs of acts of God
shouldn't be reflected in my insurance premiums, nor should the costs of
other bad drivers.

Point III.

Immigration has to stop until we can regain a strong and healthy middle
class.  Trained citizens should not have trouble finding employment,

Just for starters.  But remember that competent people make a system
work.  The system needs to be set up to remove temptation.


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