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Sat May 16 19:18:45 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:

> What is very new and quite unprecidented is that the government,
> through academic  proxies is funding trivial nusciance patents
> on an unprecedented, massive scale, most notable in
> biotech, but also in every field of science.

This is a logical straightforward fact / opinion which isn't
controversial, but sets a nice tone.

> Broad fields of science are being patented and cut off at the
> root from econmic development, held hostage by nit wit university
> adminsitrators and univerisity licence departments who work
> for institutions that will suffer no loss if such "inventions"
> are  not commercialized. 

Putting the words "nit wit" in here detracted from your otherwise good
sentence.  It can outrage me to see you _ruin_ a perfectly good thought
by overdoing it.  It is like what I tried to tell React -- you can
either use words to hammer your message home or to hammer your
"opponent", but not usually both because it sets off a non-receptive
tone in almomst all third parties.  Try to be better than React.

>Therefore, these are the most
> arrogant, stupid, and least worthwhile people to negotiate with.

> Ergo, almost no one will bother and industrial R&D capital
> will go somewhere else, to fund government paper or whatever.
Your emotions and feelings just overran your thought process here.
Arrogant, stupid, least worthwhile....not great communications, but
heavy emotional expressions.  They ruined the logic you could have

Actually, this may mark the end of University / Industry collaboration.
On the one hand, if there is real money in it, Industry may go after it
on their own.  The semiconductor industry did it pretty much that way
until Sematech was created about 14 years ago.

My logic is simple.  If I partner with somebody in research that makes
money, I get some.  Some could have various meanings, but it is
absolutely clear that I get some.  By the same token, if someone helps
me, they get something when I make money.  Something.

Marc,......See if you can keep the possible dislike of University Profs
and Administrators from being sprinkled throughout your paragraphs as
"seasoning".  Not everybody likes hot pepper, and some will throw up on
you if you give them hot pepper.  That way, everybody loses, nobody


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