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Gustavo Denarde Nogueira gutodnog at unincor.br
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>Hayar at ensaia.u-nancy.fr (environnement.ensaia.u-nancy.fr) writes:
>> But i didn't find a work or repport
>>about the effect of tween on spores germination, indigenous microflora,
>>and its fate or its biodegradability  in the soil .
>Tween 80 is used in USP 23 methods <61> with no known effect of spore
>germination or bacterial growth--except it enhances injury recovery of
>microbes. It does this by neutralizing many antimicrobial agents--I
suscpect it
>will also do this in the soil at least initially.  You can contact the
>manufacturer for the biodegrade data.

    I worked with T80 5 years ago. The major reason was to provide a uniform
espore innoculum after shaking the suspension of spores, so I could get a
more uniform innoculation, both in soil as in a laboratory medium. It helps
in your experiment's reproducibility as the number of spores you count may
be the number that will originate colonies. It was not toxic over 10 times
the concentration I used in my experiments (fungi), but as a detergent you
can have problems on specific systems.

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