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Sun May 17 10:12:36 EST 1998

Material Fellow wrote:

> > Broad fields of science are being patented and cut off at the
> > root from econmic development, held hostage by nit wit university
> > adminsitrators and univerisity licence departments who work
> > for institutions that will suffer no loss if such "inventions"
> > are  not commercialized.
> Putting the words "nit wit" in here detracted from your otherwise good
> sentence.  It can outrage me to see you _ruin_ a perfectly good thought
> by overdoing it.  It is like what I tried to tell React -- you can
> either use words to hammer your message home or to hammer your
> "opponent", but not usually both because it sets off a non-receptive
> tone in almomst all third parties.  Try to be better than React.

I'm hurt - gratuitous derogatory comments. What are we coming to?  But,
do I detect opposition to the 'free market' here?  An institution which
is forced to behave as a business protects its patents...and you

> Actually, this may mark the end of University / Industry collaboration.

Perhaps if competition between these two entities is further forced and
remains unrestricted.  Other scenarios are the melding of industries and
educational institutions - a terrifying thought in my opinion, or the
complete elimination of public education due to the institutions lack of
public funding, and laws that prevent them from making money as business
institutions.  This latter is, I believe, the objective of many
university critics, against whom I am unalterably opposed.


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