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Sun May 17 10:03:56 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:

> What is very new and quite unprecidented is that the government,
> through academic  proxies is funding trivial nusciance patents
> on an unprecidented, massive scale, most notable in
> biotech, but also in every field of science.

The government, of course, provides money for research and does not
exclude patenting as a legitimate use of these funds.  Am I correct, or
does the government provide funding explicitely allocated to patent

> Broad fields of science are being patented and cut off at the
> root from econmic development, held hostage by nit wit university
> adminsitrators and univerisity licence departments who work
> for institutions that will suffer no loss if such "inventions"
> are  not commercialized. Therefore, these are the most
> arrogant, stupid, and least worthwhile people to negotiate with.
> Ergo, almost no one will bother and industrial R&D capital
> will go somewhere else, to fund government paper or whatever.
A highly unlikely scenario.  More likely is that the academic
institution and industrial interests will forge an agreement regarding
how to split patent and licensing interests.  In fact, the free market
within which these institutions act almost guarantees such agreement.

Nuisance patent filing, by the way, is a common strategy employed by
nearly every patenting organization.


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