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Sun May 17 09:30:29 EST 1998

Bill Ward wrote:

> [react responded:]
> >The private sector has become socialist, communist, and Nazi - taking
> >the worst of these philospohies.  Those who support the current status
> >quo are criminals who deserve incarceration at least.

> How can the private sector be any of those?

How indeed!  Here is how the public is consistently fooled, because they
do not understand what the nature of these institutions was - and is.

>  The difference between
> the private sector and the public sector is persuasion versus
> coercion.

No.  The private sector is coercive, using the power of the public
sector to be so.  The public sector is persuasive and must be, as is
clearly illustrated by any political discussion.

>  Collectivism of any denomination requires force.

And you claim that the workplace - surely the most private of private
sectors - is not coercive?  And you claim that the election process,
surely the most public of public sectors, is not persuasive?  Surely
you're joking.

>  The
> private sector cannot use force - that is reserved for the public
> and criminal sectors.

Ask those who are laid off whether they were persuaded to leave or were
coerced into leaving.  A simple test of the power of the private sector
to coerce.

> >So?  Everyone makes similar claims.
> Could it be because he's right?
> Could it be because he's right?

Does it matter?  I don't think so, hence I dismissed the claim.

> >No, I want to put the public in charge.  Powerful democratic government
> >is the only way to do it.  There is no other way.  You do truly seem to
> >be an idiot.

> Fortunately, our Constitution prevents you from having your way by
> force.  If you recall, we're not a democracy, but a republic,
> protected from the tyranny of the majority.

Yet we call ourselves a democracy and practice democratic principles. 
Do you deny this?  Do you deny that the public can legally - and
protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights - replace any of
the executive and legislative branches of government at any election, or
at any time under sufficient provocation?

> Please call me an idiot too -- coming from the likes of you I
> consider it a high compliment.

Then I'm afraid you must consider yourself complimented, for in fact
your arguments are...unconvincing.


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