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Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Sun May 17 11:55:46 EST 1998

react at ix.netcom.com wrote:
>         It's useless to roam about scientifically,
>         Each man learns only what he can
>         But the man who grasps the opportunity---
>         There is the real man.
> I forget the line and page, but it is Book I.  I'd be careful quoting
> Goerte to prove a point.  Satan's worldly truth is truth none-the-less,
> and to benefit from the wisdom of denying Satan requires that you

And for the best anti-academic quotes of all time

"Zwar weiss ich veil, aber mocht ich alles wissen"

Wagner, Book I, Faust

"Nondum cum Pindar et Lyrici Novi Homericus versibus canere timerunt,
umbraticus doctor ingenia deleverat"

Petronius - Satyricon

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