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Sun May 17 22:01:18 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:

> You know, you are absolutely right.  As Mephistopheles in Faust advised
> the young academic, trust to words, because you cannot detract one
> iota from them.  Of course, being the devil, who is  liar, there
> is a double truth to that, which is, verbage is meaningless unless
> you have something succint to say.  As Faust himeself said,
> if I do not both the German too badly

Mephistopheles (to student):

	It's useless to roam about scientifically,
	Each man learns only what he can
	But the man who grasps the opportunity---
	There is the real man.

I forget the line and page, but it is Book I.  I'd be careful quoting
Goerte to prove a point.  Satan's worldly truth is truth none-the-less,
and to benefit from the wisdom of denying Satan requires that you
believe in Goerte's God.

> "Ist notig worten nachzujagen, wenn mann hat nichts zu sagen"?
> I did however have something to say so ruined it by succumbing
> to my desire to bash academics, however despicable they may be.

It's a pity you feel that way.  Such dislike surely is a sign of
jealousy, isn't it?

> This issue of academic patents is possibly the most vital
> technology issue of our time.

Hardly.  It is only one small part of the trouble caused by the
imposition of right-wing monetarism that the country is suffering from.  

As an aside - here are some more observations that may interest you. 
Grove and one of his chief EOs recently resigned from Intel and cashed
their stock options.  The recent stock market surge resulted from
investors escaping the Asian slump by moving to the American market. 
The price of gold has risen about $30 in the last two months.  This fall
the first major fallout from the Asian collapse is supposed to hit the
U.S. in the form of declining prices for Asian goods, although at least
one report says that the Japanese agreed not to lower prices.  My
suggestion is that Grove and his EO looked at their stock predictions
and decided it was time to cash out - that the market had peaked.  What
this could mean for scientific research jobs and technical

> Besides your helpful
> remaks, the lack of interst or comment other than React's,
> who is a couple cents short of a dollar, is appalling.

Please, don't blame the consumer if your goods fall short on quality -
that's a very non-entrepreneurial and unbusinesslike attitude, and I
must admonish you for it.  If your judgement is poor, your best approach
is to recognize it, then team with someone who has good judgement.


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