Teel Adams coltom at dcr.net
Sun May 17 17:24:46 EST 1998

react at ix.netcom.com wrote:

> Marc Andelman wrote:
> The government, of course, provides money for research and does not
> exclude patenting as a legitimate use of these funds.  Am I correct, or
> does the government provide funding explicitely allocated to patent
> generation?

I am of the opinion, that you are seeing an overcompensation from
government agencies and the Congress.  In the Republican's frenzy to cut
funding,   most agencies have taken a more "user pays" strategy.
Publications,  software,  even data,  are now sellable and sources of

Rather silly, really.  I prefer the old days when all government research
and innovation was free to all.  Of course,  many incredibly useful
government inventions were taken over by the private sector,   patented,
and used to make huge amounts of money.  Bioremediation is a glaring

I would think,  the compromise would be to have enlightened congressmen
that fund research accordingly,  and then make the research free and
available, but also unpatentable.

I do know,  that some of my A.I algorythms that I designed for detecting
Medical fraud, were latter used on commercial systems,  and I don't get
squat in royalties.  Not even a Christmas card.

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