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Wed May 20 12:33:30 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:

> We are trying to create marketed technologies
> and jobs. U of CA is trying to  pawn off snake oil and
> interfere with  commercial technology development, in spite of
> warnings from our lawyers.

If you have a case, I recommend you pursue it.  If you don't, then can
it.  Otherwise you're just wasting time.

> Money is fungible. Go ahead and support policies that make R&D investment
> unprofitable.  Everyone will simply invest in something else and you,
> my cannibis smoking friend, will be stuck on the academic merry go round, with no
> alternative.

> OK, let's join ReactX and all hang ourselves over a pit of active compost.

You seem much more interested in stirring it around, smelling each bit,
tasting a little, griping about it, stirring it around, smelling each
bit...you might consider that hanging yourself may provide you with an
improved lifestyle.  Not that I'd recommend it really.  I'm too nice a


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