Klapauciusl at ix.netcom.com Klapauciusl at ix.netcom.com
Wed May 20 08:31:58 EST 1998

Jeffrey Haber wrote:

>         Fortunately, I've chosen atheism, so I don't have to adhere to any
> dogmas.  I have a conscience and a strong sense of morals and ethics
> (see "The Objectivist Ethics" in Ayn Rand's anthology The Virute of
> Selfishness).  Consequently, I totally reject all doctrines resembling
> Original Sin, in this context, that I should feel an unearned guilt for
> someone else's misfortune when I did nothing to contribute to that
> misfortune.  I may feel compassion if it is warranted, but not guilt.

Hey, I feel the same way about just about anyone.  It follows that I can
treat anyone, including you, anyway I like and should suffer no adverse
repercussions!  I...I sort of like your philosophy!

The point you can attack most easily attack is the repercussions part. 
Since I am a beneficient individual I see no harm in saying that your
response regarding this is part of the exercise.


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