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Wed May 20 13:35:59 EST 1998

dogmat wrote in message <6jujmo$j3u$1 at bvbsd2.kc.bv.com>...

>Your abdication makes you just as much a problem as those "shallow-minded
>half-wits". You might even say that if you understand the problem and do
>nothing to solve it, you are a "whole-wit"

You're absolutely correct.  Of course I am part of the problem.  However,
I'm not alive by request, I'm just here.  Sorry, I'm no martyr.  I do make
an effort to make the world a better place by trying to treat my fellow man
with common decency and will continue to do so until I die.  Many of you
seem to think that the human species has some sort of nobel universal
purpose and that's okay with me.  Personally, I see us as just a blink in
the history of the universe.  On a daily basis, I see innocent children
endure horrible suffering.  As long as there are humans, there will be
suffering.  This will be the case no matter what humanity accomplishes.  No
doubt this will bring about some knee-jerk reaction from Marc that I should
go join some Heaven's Gate type of organization.  That seems to be his usual
style of "insightful" reasoning.  I think he's one of two common personality
types.  One type is in a constant state of worry: "I need more money, the
government's out to get me, the homosexuals are destroying the moral fiber
of our nation, anybody who doesn't think like me must be on drugs", etc. ad
naseum).  The other type are people who are bored with their lives so they
seek gratification through mudslinging.  That often works to get them some
confrontation that keeps them from being bored.  In some sense, I've helped
perpetuate that behavior by responded to his posts.  I continued because it
was good for a laugh or two.  "California pothead."  "Take it up the a##
like a man."  "My cannibis smoking friend".  These are the golden words of
Marc that are so fun to read.
For those of you who see inconsistencies in what I write, I say "no
kidding."  Because I'm human I have an on-going battle between the objective
and the subjective.  Right now my objective side is telling me that I've
wasted enough time with this ideological marathon.  Again, it was an
entertaining diversion.  Thank you.

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