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Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Wed May 20 19:21:13 EST 1998

mark wrote:
> and my writieng are the opinion of another academic lackey that is happy
> that he ain't no industry lackey where my ideas couldn't be patented
> for my gain, but here they can.  ITs stupic to give that up inthis age of
> biotech given my background.  small start-ups is the way to go!
> markH

Whoa!!! I did not read this carefully at first. 


Everyone who spends their own money to build a company is a fool in
your book, as you cyncially accept publically funded work into
patents with your name on it.  Of course, in Checkoslovakia, they
had  a saying, he who steals not from the government steals from
his own familiy.  However, you are ultimately stealing from my family
by stealing from the public. A self righteous thief is what you are.

Also, in a company you can have stock options . You can also found
your own firm.  You are a thief because you have no imagination.
Academics are not entrepreneurs. They take no personal risk at all.
Many have fat cat jobs. The people holding the bag are the old
ladies swindled by the failures of flakey univeristy start ups.

Marc Andelman

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