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Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Thu May 21 10:11:10 EST 1998

mark wrote:
> Marc Andelman wrote:
> >
> > mark wrote:
> >
> > No one benefits.
> Wrong, as stated in the editorial 200,000 jobs are one measure of the
> benifit. also,patients benifit (in the health science field anyway)  where do
> you think the endostatin and angiostatin were first discovered? and where do
> you think entreMed arose from?

Much of the work on angiongensis was funded as charity by a private 
corporation; Seagrams.   Such industry - academic friendliness is
rapidly becoming a thing of the past, now that academia is using
tax money to unfairly compete with the private sector.  The private
sector is the public, BTW, and once the public realizes they have
been had, the constituency for publicly funded universities
will flash evaporate.

Marc Andelman

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