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William R. Penrose wpenrose at interaccess.com
Thu May 21 15:12:06 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:
> mark wrote:
> >
> > Marc, I haven't seen the 5/1/ issue yet but there was another essay on the
> > tech transfer/patent policy in the 3/6 issue of SCiENCE that you should have
> > read and commented on. 
> I read that article.
> It was written by an academic
> licening department,with a strong vested interest,
> and is hardly worthy of comment. 

I read it, too, and found it to be more than a little self-serving.  It
is easy to juggle statistics about things like employment.  For example,
perhaps the number includes all companies that bought university
intellectual property and then hired people, regardless of whether the
people were hired *because* of the technology or just for company
expansion that would have happened anyway.  Getting a true figure on job
creation would be exceedingly difficult, and anyway, no one would want
to do it, because it might give the "wrong" result (less than 200,000

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