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mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Thu May 21 18:16:55 EST 1998

Marc Andelman wrote:
> mark wrote:
> > and my writieng are the opinion of another academic lackey that is happy
> > that he ain't no industry lackey where my ideas couldn't be patented
> > for my gain, but here they can.  ITs stupic to give that up inthis age of
> > biotech given my background.  small start-ups is the way to go!
> > markH


ENtitlement-are you spouting those buxx words again?  Hey if you feel you are 
then I definately am.

> Everyone who spends their own money to build a company is a fool in
> your book, as you cyncially accept publically funded work into
> patents with your name on it.

Yeah--'cause its mine!  WOUld you prohibit artists that recieved a grant to 
write a book not be allowed to profit from the sale of the book?

> However, you are ultimately stealing from my family
> by stealing from the public. A self righteous thief is what you are.

How am I stealing?  THe govt awarded money for research which leads to a 
treatment that NO company had the wherewithall to complete.  I do the 
research I do the thinking I do the investing in the start-up  I take all the 
risk, the govt none.  why shouldn't i be allowed to play by the rules set 
up by the capitalist?  

> Also, in a company you can have stock options . You can also found
> your own firm.  You are a thief because you have no imagination.

no comment 

> Academics are not entrepreneurs. They take no personal risk at all.

excuse me?  ONe could argue that every experiment is a risk, every pursued 
idea a risk, coming to philly was a risk.  that just stupid.

> Many have fat cat jobs. The people holding the bag are the old
> ladies swindled by the failures of flakey univeristy start ups.

investing in start-ups is risky,

> Marc Andelman

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