MUST READ -- Free Home Heating by running a recruiting business

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Thu May 21 18:26:48 EST 1998

William R. Penrose wrote:
> I read it, too, and found it to be more than a little self-serving.  It
> is easy to juggle statistics about things like employment.  For 
> perhaps the number includes all companies that bought university
> intellectual property and then hired people, regardless of whether the
> people were hired *because* of the technology or just for company
> expansion that would have happened anyway.  Getting a true figure on 
> creation would be exceedingly difficult, and anyway, no one would want
> to do it, because it might give the "wrong" result (less than 200,000
> jobs).

most editorials i read are at least a bit self-serving and I agree with 
your statement. but to now argue that the editorial is worthless 'cause  
you don't agree with a number might be construed as self-serving too

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