Hasan hazal at iastate.edu
Fri May 22 16:12:25 EST 1998

In article <6k4l8j$qpj$1 at news.tamu.edu>, dahd <dahd at xxnospam.com> wrote:
>In article <6k4g60$psc$1 at news.iastate.edu>, hazal at iastate.edu says...
>>Good point! I fell same way goverment funding is allocated to parent
>>generation than patent generation. If a guy is government employee,
>>his/her daughter or son gets easy job at federal government level..
>>that is the funding for parents for generations..Sorry ..that is
>>that I see around myself...Government should be smaller, smaller..
>> who cares patenting?
>Where oh where did you get such a silly idea?

It is not an idea..that is the real world..Do you want example?

>Your view is just plain wrong.  That is not how government hiring
>happens.  Jobs are not passed along from generation to generation.
>At least not in the U.S. Federal Service.
>Were you talking about the civil service in some other country?


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