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Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Fri May 22 15:15:58 EST 1998

mark wrote:
> Mr andelman, you are silly! first of all the freedom to file patents isn't an
> entitlement, nor is it a right.  As an individual I can submit patents as can
> you, no more no less.  You're indignation regarding where some of the money
> comes from to fund studies that build a patent (so to speak) seems to stem
> from typical anti-tax rhetoric.  Put your money where your mouth is and stop
> paying your taxes if you feel the money is poorly spent.

Do you mean I a have an option not to pay?

> Since tax monies fund research in both industrial and academic arenas, and
> since both academic and industrial entities get tax breaks why shouldn't both
> entities be allowed to file patents.  Thats part of the capitalist game
> and just because you find yourself playing against two big boys instead of
> one is TS baby!  As an individual i guess you don't get those breaks

That is not capitalism,that is communism, socialism, or fascism.  Also,
I or anyone else as an individual can out compete dumb bureaucracies.

That is not the point.  The point is that individuals and free markets
are more efficient at allcating resources than central control freaks.
Didn't the fall of the Soviet empire teach you as much?

> As many people have pointed out to you, the policies of the past 15 - 20
> years have really forced labs as well as universities to direct efforts
> towards product development as a way to both validate the effort and
> recuperate costs.

They are not forced. They were  handed rights that belong to all of
us on a silver platter. Like how the lumber companies got to rape
the Tongass. Simple interest group politics  at work ,
to the detriment of everyone  else.

Marc Andelman

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