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In article <355F63AE.AA537267 at dcr.net>, Teel Adams  <coltom at dcr.net> wrote:
>react at ix.netcom.com wrote:
>> Marc Andelman wrote:
>> The government, of course, provides money for research and does not
>> exclude patenting as a legitimate use of these funds.  Am I correct, or
>> does the government provide funding explicitely allocated to patent
>> generation?

Good point! I fell same way goverment funding is allocated to parent
generation than patent generation. If a guy is government employee,
his/her daughter or son gets easy job at federal government level..
that is the funding for parents for generations..Sorry ..that is
that I see around myself...Government should be smaller, smaller..
 who cares patenting?


>I am of the opinion, that you are seeing an overcompensation from
>government agencies and the Congress.  In the Republican's frenzy to cut
>funding,   most agencies have taken a more "user pays" strategy.
>Publications,  software,  even data,  are now sellable and sources of
>Rather silly, really.  I prefer the old days when all government research
>and innovation was free to all.  Of course,  many incredibly useful
>government inventions were taken over by the private sector,   patented,
>and used to make huge amounts of money.  Bioremediation is a glaring
>I would think,  the compromise would be to have enlightened congressmen
>that fund research accordingly,  and then make the research free and
>available, but also unpatentable.
>I do know,  that some of my A.I algorythms that I designed for detecting
>Medical fraud, were latter used on commercial systems,  and I don't get
>squat in royalties.  Not even a Christmas card.


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