M. Latterich latteric at san.rr.com
Thu May 28 04:27:53 EST 1998

Dear Friends,

This thread is officially terminated. Should I find any more posts related
to this and similar threads, we will begin to moderate the newsgroup,
meaning that in future these and similar posts are weeded out. 

BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY is a *professional* exchange forum solely dedicated to
serious scientific and NOT political discussion. The priveledge to post
here has been greatly abused, and if you decide to continue your actions on
this newsgroup, we will take the necessary steps to avoid it happening in


Martin Latterich, Ph.D.

In article <6k4pnp$s6q$1 at news.iastate.edu>, hazal at iastate.edu (Hasan) wrote:

> In article <6k4l8j$qpj$1 at news.tamu.edu>, dahd <dahd at xxnospam.com> wrote:
> >In article <6k4g60$psc$1 at news.iastate.edu>, hazal at iastate.edu says...

> >>Good point! I fell same way goverment funding is allocated to parent
> >>generation than patent generation. If a guy is government employee,
> >>his/her daughter or son gets easy job at federal government level..
> >>that is the funding for parents for generations..Sorry ..that is
> >>that I see around myself...Government should be smaller, smaller..
> >> who cares patenting?
> >>
> >Where oh where did you get such a silly idea?
> It is not an idea..that is the real world..Do you want example?
> >Your view is just plain wrong.  That is not how government hiring
> >happens.  Jobs are not passed along from generation to generation.
> >At least not in the U.S. Federal Service.
> >
> >Were you talking about the civil service in some other country?

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