Anti Microbial Serum abnormal results question

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> No one seems to be able to tell me what a recent lab finding means.
> Anti-microbial results should be <1:100.  Mine read 1:6400.  What does this
> mean?  Should it be pursued further?  What does this blood test explain?
> would it be run?  Does anyone know anything about this?
> Thank you in advance.  Please e-mail me at JenJJC at AOL.

1:100 stands for the dillution factor of the anti-microbial agent (1 ml of
agent in a total of 100 ml). If this factor is 1:6400 that means your
concentation of anti-microbial agent is lower than 1:100, in your case this is
a good thing. There wil be no need to persue this further.

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