Disgrace of UTMalaysia (Bioprocess Engineering)

S. Tan sltan at u.washington.edu
Fri May 29 17:59:12 EST 1998

Is there an ariticle on the web about this supposedly true story that I
can refer to?  I'd like to read about it.  

On Fri, 29 May 1998, child wrote:

> The UTM Dewan Senat Court decision is that he plead not guilty 
> and can continue his study in UTM.
> Why this things do happend in Malaysia? Can we do anything about?
> How to do it? I wish to hear suggestion from you all out there.
> Is sending this article to overseas works. If someone or some
> institute are not taking care of their reputation, why we want to
> spare them. Let the world know about this.
> If anyone happend to know Dr. Max Chung from NUS, can you please
> inform him about this.
> This true story start like this :
> a master student was and still is doing research study in UTM under
> Department of Bioprecess Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engneering.
> This semester is the last semester and he planned to further his study
> in USA in molecular biology. but when doing his application he change
> his cpa (results) under bachelor program. his is not a good students
> as his cpa was only 2.4 ( if i am not mistaken ) to a first class
> student. beside imitating signature of some high post administrative
> and creating an imitated copies of certificate, the best thing is he
> "created" 2 referees for that university reference. one is his
> supervisor (present) and another one is Dr. Max Chung from NUS (i
> think) by giving only email account which he made himself in hotmail
> to that university. so when they ask for advise he will be the one to
> answer. how clever he is !!!
> and now these things leak out because he had a quarel with his college
> and his college who know many things about his speak out to the head
> of department. he should be kick out and charge under criminal code
> for imitation of documents. but as his relationship with his
> supervisor is "very" good ( who is tricked by him too ) the case is
> still under investigation.
> beside all these thing the first question is how can a student who is
> not even qualify as engineering with a general certificate (CPA 2.4)
> doing his master. from personal contact with him i don't feel that he
> is such "knowledgeable" or keen in doing research. he is doing many
> business as side income while persueing his master degree. beside when
> he teach ( for more income too), they have a joke describe him: if all
> understand, than i don't need to teach; if all not understand why i
> need to teach; if half of u understand and the half don't than let
> those not understand ask those understand and as a result i also don't
> have to teach. and when he is in the lab all he is doing is surfing
> the internet.
> the next doubt is why that supervisor of him protected him so much?
> beside he cheated her, her reputation also brought down as he is doing
> so much wrong. and yet she is still defending him until now.  
> the last thing that i would like to seek opinion from you all is what
> offens he did by imitating documents and pretend to be someone else?
> any law that will serve him right? 
> if you are asking is this a truth, i promise this is nothing but the
> truth. if you ask me how can he did so much without someone noticing:
> "get" letter head of UTM, imitating signature, etc. please you ask
> him. do you know who he is ?

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