movement of microorganisms through soil

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Sat May 30 11:37:08 EST 1998

Dear  members:

I would appreciate if any of you could inform me or share any experiences
related to  the mobility of microorganisms in the soil. Which parameters
can act and influence the mobility or the movement of? i ask the question
because in the same soil, i have found an adaptaion of microflora to
degrade atrazine . But these observations have not been generalized on all
the surface studied.

Any related references would also be appreciated.

Please to e-mail directly : hayar at ensaia.u-nancy.fr

Thank you in advance,
sincerely yours,

M. Salem HAYAR
Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires
2, avenue de la Foret de Haye
Laboratoire Sols et Environnement associe INRA, B.P. 172
54505 Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy Cedex, FRANCE
Tel.: (+33) poste 5107
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Mailto:hayar at ensaia.u-nancy.fr

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