Baffles for Shake Flasks

Larry D. Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Sun May 31 14:29:32 EST 1998

Richard Mateles wrote:

> Years ago, I used stainless steel baffles in shake flasks.  They consisted
> of a strip of steel which hooked over the lip of the flask, then twisted 90
> degrees and descended into the liquid.  It didn't interefere with the cotton
> plug, and it was effective in acting as a baffle to increase the aeration of
> the liquid.
> Does anyone know if these are avilable commercially?
> Thanks.
> Rich Mateles
> --

I suggest that you consider instead something like Kimax Baffled Culture
Flasks.  They have baffles formed in the glass bottom to increase mixing and
aeration.  They are available in 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 ml sizes.  Fisher
Scientific, among many other supply companies, carries them.  The Kimble catalog
numbers are all 25630-X, with X denoting the size in mls.  Pyrex also makes
Delong Culture Flasks with internal baffles in the same sizes as the Kimax
flasks, plus a 4000 ml size.  The Pyrex catalog numbers are all 4444-X, with X
again denoting sizes in mls for 500 ml and less.  For the larger flasks, X = 1L,
2L or 4L.

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