soil bacteria probe

Jérôme Hamelin jerome.hamelin at bota.unine.ch
Tue Jun 1 09:48:02 EST 1999

I think you can find the sequence of an high G+C gram+ probe in:
Normand et al (1992) Analysis of a ribosomal RNA operon in the
actinomycete Frankia. Gene 111:119-124

> Dear Discussion Group,
> I am looking for probes for soil bacteria such as gram + with high G+C,
> gram + with low G+C, Alpha proteobacteria, Beta proteobacteria, Gamma
> proteobacteria,Delata proteobacteria,Cytophaga-Flavobacterium and General
> eubacteria. I would like these probes can detect in a region between 1000
> to 1400 of 16s rRNA. Could anyone of this discussion group tell me know
> where can I find this information or give me some valuable comment and
> suggestion. Thanks for your attention and time on this matter. Your help
> will be highly appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Samuel Lam
> Research Assistant
> Department of Biology and Chemistry
> City University of Hong Kong
> Tel: (852) 2784 4956; Fax: (852) 2784 4447
> email: bhslam at cityu.edu.hk

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