Growth media for bacteria

S.Ballal swapnilballal at usa.net
Thu Jun 3 09:00:43 EST 1999

Well if you increase the Glucose concentration 10 fold from 4% i.e. 40%
the osmotic pressure of the solution will be too high causing exosmosis(
fluid coming out ) from the bacteria killing the cells. That is also the
reason why  fruits preserves/ jams etc. don't get microbial growth on

With lower concentration of Glucose there will be some growth which will
stop once the glucose is depleted.  
I hope that answers your question. 


Sheinach Dunn wrote:
> Could someone please tell me the answer and where I can verify it for the
> following question:
> Explain why growth of many bacteria would be negatively affected both by a
> 10-fold increase and a 10-fold decrease for a 4% glucose concentration
> media?
> Starvation and inhibition are the two reasons I came up with but I don't
> know where to look to verify or discount my answers.
> please reply to ratz at clear.net.nz

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