Uses of penicillin.

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It differs per country, I think.
For example, in the netherlands pen. resistant S. pneum. do occur, but are not
(yet) very common.

Mellon wrote:

> The drug of choice for Neisseria gonorrhoeae has been ceftriaxone for many
> years, not penicillin. We are now seeing ceftriaxone resistance, although
> not all that common in the US yet. As for Strep pneumo, I'm seeing between
> 35 and 50% resistance to penicillin. A beta strep throat infection is caused
> by Strep pyogenes, not pneumoniae. Penicillin is still the drug of choice
> for these infections.
>     Please do a little homework before providing the group with incorrect
> information.
> Staphman wrote in message <7ign0s$jkh$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>...
> >Penicillin is still the drug of choice for the following infections:
> >SyphillisGonorrhoea (provided the organism is not a penicillinase producer)
> >Tonsilitis and throat infections due to B-haemolytic streptococciPneumonia
> >due to Str. pneumoniae (although penicillin resistant strains are on the
> >increase)Staphylococcal and infections caused by Gram negative rods are
> >better treated with semi-synthetic penicillin derivatives (although this
> can
> >be a bit of a generalisation and antibiotic susceptibility testing should
> be
> >performed to determine sensitivity.This list is by no means comprehensive
> >and text books should be consulted e.g. "Topley and Wilson's"In article
> ><374AF9BB.94816F8A at home.com>, jc <jceb1 at home.com> wrote:> Could anyone
> >here name all, or some, known infections or diseases, that> are better
> cured
> >with straight penicillin, versus it's more> sophisticated derivatives ? Tks
> >for taking the time. Know a site that > can help me ?>
> >
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