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>Hi everybody,
>I have recently read an almost twenty years old paper by Hanson and
>co-workers (Ultrastructure of methanotrophic yeasts, J Bacteriol 1980
>Mar;141(3):1340-9) which describes the existence and structural
>characteristics of two strains of methanotrophic yeasts, Sporobolomyces
>roseus strain Y and Rhodotorula glutinis strain CY. These strains were
>described as able to grow using methane as their energy source.
>I am very interested on this subject. However, I have not found any
>additional information about methanotrophic yeast (except a previous paper
>by the same authors dating from 1979). Indeed, all papers I have found are
>related to methylotrophic yeasts growing on other C1 compounds (such as
>methanol or methylamines).
>Can anybody give me more recent data about methanotrophic yeasts? Knows
>anybody if methanotrophic yeast strains are available?

It's not much more recent (not my subject, but the book was on my shelf),
but there's an article by Holly J. Wolfe on CH4 using yeasts in the book of
the 1980 C1 symposium - "Microbial growth on C1 compounds", ed Howard
Dalton, ISBN 0-85501-498-9 in which she lists S. roseus, S. gracilis, R.
glutinis and R. rubra. It may be the same groups as I see that she thanks
Hanson at the end. It might be worth checking other C1 symposia. As to where
you can find the bugs - have you tried the CBS in Delft? Their main web page
is on http://www.cbs.knaw.nl/www/CBSHOME.HTML
Lesley Robertson

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