Where is genetics newsgroup?

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>         To my surprise, I cannot find a genetics newsgroup. Does
anyone have
> an idea where the genetics folks exchange ideas, flames, etc.?
>         Last year, when I first began to study Chlamydia pneumoniae, I
> across a paper saying that children in Africa with (without?) a
certain gene
> were much more likely to contract Chlamydial infections. I was too
> to recognize the paper's importance and didn't save it. Now I think it
> very important indeed, but I cannot find it in PubMed or anywhere
else. Any
> help would be appreciated.
> Russ Farris
> PERHAPS this gene is in the same locus as that one that covers
one that is connected with the lack of both sickle cell
and malaria.  There is another option to consider and
that is the frequency of RH- in these diseases.

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