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RE: Legionella media - there are a number of published and well established
methods for the detection of legionella from water and from soils.

Try Steele et al from the Institute for Medical and Veterinary Science in
Adelaide, Australia - many papers published in Applied & Environmental
Microbiology (c1990) or Ruehlemann & Crawford (1996), The Medical Journal of
Australia 164(1), 36-38.

Commercially available media will be available from local suppliers - but be
warned it is expensive - approx $5 per plate.

Hope this helps.

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Paul and Kimberly Liska <pliska at istar.ca> wrote in message
news:vfE73.50$Gh5.423804 at NewsRead.Toronto.iSTAR.net...
> Hello:
> I was wondering if anyone knows of an established method, possibly using
> agar medium,  for detecting Legionella bacteria. Any help would be
> appreciated.
> Thank you

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