An Invite To Who's Who!

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at stm.tudelft.nl
Fri Jun 11 05:54:04 EST 1999

fdgas45 at HOTMAIL.COM wrote in message ...
>Dear Candidate,
>You were recently selected by The Office of the Managing
>Director for a free listing on The International Executive
>Guild's Who's Who CD-ROM.
>Our Researchers gather information from many
>recognized sources, including professional associations
>and societies, trade organizations, newspaper and
>magazine articles, professional reference publications,
>web presence, and referrals from existing members.
>As a highly respected professional in your field of
>expertise, we believe your contributions merit very
>serious consideration for inclusion on The International
>Executive Guild's Who's Who CD-ROM.

We really have to admire their careful screening procedures! Does anyone
think it was the academic excellence of the electronic newsgroup (treating
it as an individual), or the sheer genius of the users (in which case, how
many thousands of us are they adding to their databases?). I've never seen
the sellers of email addresses for spam purposes described as a "recognised
source" before!
Highly amused,
Lesley Robertson

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