SERIOUS HELP with Career choice please !

Bob Taylor rtaylor at ns.net
Fri Jun 11 16:27:47 EST 1999

Alistair Gates wrote:
> I am from the UK and just about to start the last year of my A-Levels,
> Chemistry,Biology and Maths.
> I have up until now wanted to go into medicine, but I am predicted BCC in my
> A-Levels, which is not good enough, and I have been having second thoughts.
> I ideally want to do a course at a metropolitan university studying a
> biology related topic. But this is where I come to a grinding halt !
> I do not particularly enjoy chemistry, but I really love biology. I want
> some suggestions on courses which lead to careers that have a bit more of
> research at the end-point. What sort of jobs are available, and what are the
> salaries like.

Unless you have a burning desire to do research, I strongly recommend
against it.  The ratio of punishment/reward is remarkably high, and few
can stay with it much beyond 10 years.
> Is there a business angle to biology, and how would I exploit it by doing a
> certain course ?

Bioengineering and molecular biology look strong, from a business angle,
for the next couple of decades, but if you dislike chemistry ....

Environmental biology will be a poor choice as long as universities keep
pouring out minimally trained people willing to work for peanuts.
> Being the biologists, hopefully you can help more than the people at my
> college!
If medicine is out of the question, I would consider using your
biological training as a stepping off point for applied training in
engineering or agriculture.

Bob Taylor

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