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> Hi everybody,
> I have recently read an almost twenty years old paper by Hanson and
> co-workers (Ultrastructure of methanotrophic yeasts, J Bacteriol 1980
> Mar;141(3):1340-9) which describes the existence and structural
> characteristics of two strains of methanotrophic yeasts, Sporobolomyces
> roseus strain Y and Rhodotorula glutinis strain CY. These strains were
> described as able to grow using methane as their energy source.
> I am very interested on this subject. However, I have not found any
> additional information about methanotrophic yeast (except a previous paper
> by the same authors dating from 1979). Indeed, all papers I have found are
> related to methylotrophic yeasts growing on other C1 compounds (such as
> methanol or methylamines).
> Can anybody give me more recent data about methanotrophic yeasts? Knows
> anybody if methanotrophic yeast strains are available?
> Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Please reply directly to me at
> david.moreira at bc4.u-psud.fr.
> Thank you very much!
> David Moreira

Hi David,

Im not sure if you are looking for yeast that can actually metabolise
methane, but there are definitely yeast that can utalise methanol as there
primary carbon source.
I know that a pichia pasturis strain has been used in our lab in the past as
an over expression system for correct folding of proteins. I think that
Invitrogen or perhaps strategene might have been the supplier. Also try the
nation strains collection.
Oh one final thing ..beware of the smell! These things are terible,
generally worse when they are killed!!
Good luck in your search.

Scott Shanks

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