SERIOUS HELP with Career choice please !

Tracy bellt at dnr.qld.gov.au
Tue Jun 15 02:12:50 EST 1999

You may not have to give up on medicine just yet.  In Australia there
are ways of overcoming poor initial grades - you can repeat relevant
years at high school or do the first year of university and use those
grades to up-grade to a higher coarse in second year. Actually our
Medicine coarse has become more Americanised with doing a basic degree
first followed by the medicine part.  Check out the options available
to you.  Also another word of advice, any field of biology requires a
lot of work experience to get good full-time work, be prepared for a
period of unemployment and doing lots of crappy work to start out (try
and do as much work experience as you can during the degree).
On Fri, 11 Jun 1999 20:39:19 +0100, "Alistair Gates"
<al.g2 at virgin.net> wrote:

>I am from the UK and just about to start the last year of my A-Levels,
>Chemistry,Biology and Maths.
>I have up until now wanted to go into medicine, but I am predicted BCC in my
>A-Levels, which is not good enough, and I have been having second thoughts.
>I ideally want to do a course at a metropolitan university studying a
>biology related topic. But this is where I come to a grinding halt !
>I do not particularly enjoy chemistry, but I really love biology. I want
>some suggestions on courses which lead to careers that have a bit more of
>research at the end-point. What sort of jobs are available, and what are the
>salaries like.
>Is there a business angle to biology, and how would I exploit it by doing a
>certain course ?
>Being the biologists, hopefully you can help more than the people at my
>All help appreciated
>al.g2 at virgin.net

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