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> Michele writes,
> <Hi, Oxoid produce a suitable medium, Charcoal yeast extract agar
> BCYE and
> GVPC or MWY supplements. It is a difficult medium to make up, because
> charcoal makes the agar boil over as you heat it.>
> You can say that again! That stuff is a nightmare! Not only does the
> problem you mentioned exist, you also have to filter-sterilize the
> labile ingredients:  L-cysteine and I forget what the other one
> was...ferric something I think (I haven't prepared it since 1992-93
> goodness), and add them *after* you autoclave the main body of the
> And it gets worse: when you pour the plates, not only do you have to
> swirling the flask so the charcoal doesn't all settle to the bottom,
> you have to flame the plates to get rid of the air bubbles! Scary!
> Infectionately,
> Yersinia.

Buy the prepared plate.  Let someone else make it.

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