South African Biowar and the West

Timothy Paustian paustian at bact.wisc.edu.not
Tue Jun 15 12:42:04 EST 1999

Tom Keske wrote:
> The fact that polio and/or smallpox vaccines had a role in the spread
> of the African AIDS epidemic is well-established. 


You are sorely misguided. If you thought you were going to get agreement
on this newsgroup, boy did you make a mistake.

> Vaccines are implicated not on one continent, but two.  American
> gays saw their first known AIDS cases immediately after hepatitis B
> vaccine administration in New York City.   This means not only
> two continents, but two different vaccines, two different sets of
> circumstances under which the vaccines were administered.  In the
> case of Manhattan gays, the excuse of "reuse of contaminated needles"
> does not apply.

Did you read any real research on this or any good book on the AIDS
epidemic. AIDS was brought here by Gaetan Dugas, considered by some to
be "patient zero"., a Canadian flight attendent with a large apetite for
sex. Vaccines in this country had nothing to do with it.

> What evidence is there that the West might actually be of such a
> character that would attempt such madness?

You know what really scares me? That there are people out there like you
that believe in government conspiracies such as this. Why don't you use
your time more productively?


Timothy Paustian
Univ.of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI

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