SERIOUS HELP with Career choice please !

Joan Marie Shields jshields at rigel.oac.uci.edu
Thu Jun 17 10:27:57 EST 1999

Dr. Duncan Clark <Duncan at nospam.demon.co.uk> wrote
> UK salaries for science are generally lower than the US.
> Do an MBA after a degree or M.Sc. Patent law may be a good area.

If you decide to go into anything Environmental, a good combination 
a Masters and then a Law degree.  If you want to go into Public Health
an MPH (Masters of Public Health) is a good way to go.

> Whatever you do, do not specialise too soon, especially if you go on to
> do a Ph.D. Keep your 'expertise' as wide as possible.

I'd say this is pretty good advise - or rather, be open to exploring
alternative associated fields.  

Good writing and speaking skills will also help, probably more than 
anything else these days.  You may be very bright and have lots of
great ideas - but if you can't communicate them what good are they?
My minor in English has probably helped me more in my graduate studies
than my degree in Biology.  Of course, a well rounded education will 
help in any field.

All in all though, find something that really interests you - something
you would do for a lower salary.  You may not have to take a lower 
salary, however, it's always good to look forward to going to work in
the morning :).

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