SERIOUS HELP with Career choice please !

Ivan Torshin TIY at phys.chem.msu.ru
Thu Jun 17 13:06:49 EST 1999

>...A love for a particular field of biology,
> hopefully shared by all of us at the outset, is unlikely to motivate you
> throughout the entire course of your career...

Well said. Experimental observation.

>...If society, expressed
> through the marketplace and your employers, does not appreciate what you
> do, that love will fade...

Therefore, some special kind of love is required for survival, and in order
not to be dependent on 'particular' field, if you don't mind...

>You can hope that
> you will be one of the very small minority that continue to be rewarded
> throughout their lives for what they enjoy doing.

If someone goes to a field, offers some prayer and asks for a big, big crop and then waits for a months-without even
sowing anything- how could a resonable being called this kind of action? What did you say ?... Hmmm... Right. In other
words, it is better to base hopes on (and offer prayers for...) the sown and cultivated field.
Let everyone interpret it according to one's own...

Ivan Torshin.

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