SERIOUS HELP with Career choice please !

Kay nutshell-unchained at clear.net.nz
Fri Jun 18 04:35:00 EST 1999

Bob said

> If society, expressed
>through the marketplace and your employers, does not appreciate what you
>do, that love will fade.  We are, after all, social animals. I suspect
>that most of you over 50 will support this assertion

i'm 26 and am trying to deal with this now. i NEVER thought my love for
science and nature would fade, but alas, it has.  i know of  many who feel
the same way. half-way thru their 1st post-grad degree, and wham - the light
goes dim. perhaps its best to accept it is a love in the first place, before
attempting to explain why you do what you do in more objective terms to
others. to someone starting out, the aforementioned will only make sense in
retrospect. for now, just be prepared for the ambivalance of others - that i
was not prepared for this is the only thing i regret.

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