Dominique et Isabelle Ollivier wade at worldonline.fr
Sat Jun 19 14:47:41 EST 1999

I might have some information about the culture of Legionella, the only
problem is with the codes for the agar medium, since I work in France I do
not know if the following is going to make sense for you.
The medium to be used is:
Agar BCYE alpha.
Composition:    yeast extract, activited coal, PH solution (ACES/KOH),
pyrophosphate of Iron III, chlorhydrate of Cysteine and alphacetoglutarate
(2-oxo-glutarate). Cysteine and Iron III are indispensable elements. The
incubation is done in humide atmsophere and under CO2 (2.5%). Small bacteria
colonies will appear after 2 to 5 days.

I hope this will help.

Bye for now.

Paul and Kimberly Liska <pliska at istar.ca> a écrit dans le message :
vfE73.50$Gh5.423804 at NewsRead.Toronto.iSTAR.net...
> Hello:
> I was wondering if anyone knows of an established method, possibly using
> agar medium,  for detecting Legionella bacteria. Any help would be
> appreciated.
> Thank you

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