Postdoc position: host defense in Drosophila, near Washington DC

Paisan Atsavapranee atsava at jove.rutgers.edu
Fri Jun 18 23:58:18 EST 1999

Postdoctoral position available to study mechanisms of host defense
against pathogens.

Our approach has been to study innate immunity in Drosophila so that we
can use genetics to dissect the signaling pathways important for the
immune response.  These signaling pathways are highly conserved with
pathways in the mammalian innate immune response (both use Toll receptors
and NF-kB/rel proteins).

We have isolated a collection of mutations affecting both the
antibacterial response and the cellular immune response.  Potential
projects include characterizing and identifying some novel immune response
genes (from these mutants) or studying other aspects of the immune

If interested, please contact:
Louisa Wu
l-wu at ski.mskcc.org
(212) 639-6543
Center for Agricultural Biotechnology
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
College Park, MD  20742

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