Antiseptic effect of NaCl?

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NaCl will inhibit the growth of many bacteria but not all.  For instance,
Staphylococcus spp. are salt tolerant as they live on the skin.

Not sure about the other salts - probably not.

Re viruses:  changing the internal salt concentration in cells (viruses can
only replicate inside living cells) disrupts protein, and hence, viral

Cl ions (as in sodium hypochlorite and bleaches) is very effective in
inactivating viruses - 10,000 parts per million is most effective.  But of
course this could not be used on or in the body!

Hope this helps.  What is your interest here?  If I can be of further
assistance please contact me.


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> Would anyone have any information on the antiseptic effects of different
> concentrations of NaCl (on bacteria and viruses)?
> Also, would anyone know if other salts, such as Na2SO4 or K2SO4, MgCl,
> etc. would have the same effect?
> Thanks.
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