Max Max at ArcRecords.Freeserve.Co.Uk
Sun Jun 20 07:40:15 EST 1999

I don't know if I'm in the right ng for this but I'm hoping some of
you biologists might be able to help me with something completely
separated from your discussions. 

To cut a longish story short: I make music/ I run a record label/ I
need images for the artwork on my records.

The first release on my label had an extreme close-up image of 2 sperm
on the surface of a human egg. I would like to continue the theme
through the following releases from conception through to birth, life
& death. So therefore what I am asking is: Do any of you have some
decent images of a human egg separating after fertilization (is it
called mitosis? I failed my biology a level!!) that you could email
me? They do need to be quite good quality for my purposes, but will
only be used on the label at the centre of a 12" record. If at all
possible I'd love to use another very detailed image but I'd
appreciate any help. 

Thanks for your time. If I have really missed the mark posting to this
ng would someone be kind enough to e-mail me with the name of a more
appropriate ng.

Just a final note: If anyone does have anything for me, please e-mail
me rather than posting it on the ng. Thanks!!!

It's good to stalk.

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