ash at umich.edu ash at umich.edu
Thu Jun 24 13:50:05 EST 1999

Can somebody tell me a little bit about Klett meters and how they
may differ from a spectrophotometers?  The ones I have seen were
stout hot little gray metal boxes using filters and seemed
to be nothing more than a light source, a slit, a sample chamber and
photomultiplier tube.  Why do researchers still use these antiques?
Most importantly I would like to know what sort of units are
the Klett units.  How can I interconvert Klett units to Abs600nm or
Abs550nm units without actually sitting down and doing the experiment
with my nonexistent Klett and my trusty Milton Roy 1001 Spectronic+?
Particularly I am thinking of measuring the absorbances of
bacterial suspensions.  That is not technically the absorbance of Beer's 
Law, but rather a mixture of absorption and scattering in a
colloidal suspension.  Any discussion would help.

Andrew Heath <ash at umich.edu>

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