Jack Cass jc at teach.mit.edu
Mon Jun 28 09:46:31 EST 1999

Have you ever considered the use of a search engin....I think that
more than 500 are available ????????????  If you are not able to use
this function of the interner, the content of any references may be
beyond your limited abilities.

On Sat, 19 Jun 1999 16:01:43 +0100, "David Bird"
<David.Bird at tesco.net> wrote:

>Anyone who knows anything about this enzyme, other than the fact that it
>catalyses the hydrolysis of Urea, forming ammonia and carbon dioxide, please
>send me all your knowledge, to David.Bird at tesco.net or even just any good
>sites/books I might find on the subject

jc at teach.mit.edu

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